Considering the increased scope of FIECo’s activities and the expansion of current systems inside the company, a compelling need for setting up a specialized department was felt so as to handle all system affairs existing in the company and thus, the systems dept was established in the year 2009.
The department’s duties in the company are:
- Making studies and designing the process and appropriate methods for doing the works or new processes in different administrative, organizational and operational areas.
- Re-engineering or organizational fault finding, giving guidelines for performance improvement, raising competence ability and efficiency of the organization.
- Working out reports on management and analysis of statistics and information (costs, incomes), statistical reports and functional analysis, weak and strong points, opportunities and threats, future outlook.
- Providing instructions functional methods.
- Designing and making revisions in the organizational chart, organizational structure and man-power.
- Supervising and making consultation for implementing the designs and improved codes.