The subject of planning and control of projects has been focused, along with other sciences relating to industrial engineering, by all development authorities all over the world.
Based on the above, the project planning and control dept, from the very beginning of FIECo’s establishment, has commenced its activities in connection with planning and control of EPC projects, consultations, project management and supervision of banking affairs, by making use of experienced specialists’ Services.
The department, in the framework of FIECo, as one of the selected consultants of Sanat-va-Ma’dan Bank, has attained the highest rank as qualified for evaluation and supervision of the Bank’s projects.
The department, in view of its performed planning and control services, as well as its supervision services on banking projects, has also attained the highest rank for banking project supervision services from Banking & Credit investment consultant center.
Fields of activities and specialties of the company based on the grading system of Banking & credit investment consultant center, are as follows :
· Construction, housing and city planning
· Industry, metals and mines
· Industry and industrial products
· Industry, energy and oil & gas
· Services