The fields of activities of this department, based on the definitions made and with regard to the intense need of our country to localize the technology of metallurgical plants, are as follows:

  1. Feasibility studies on metallurgical process projects

- Techno-process studies


- Techno-Financial comparison for production methods

- Calculations of energy and materials (input-output)

- Preparing equilibrium diagrams for materials and energy

- Feasibility studies–Technical part (according to the format of industry & Mine Bank)

- Comprehensive studies on site location for projects

- Estimating the steel production potential in different regions of our country


2. Basic process designin for metallurgical projects

- Process designing for general lay-out of the projects

- Process designing of lay-out and arrangement of production line units

- Determining process specifications of the plants and equipment for the projects

- Calculating and drawing up energy and material flow diagrams


3. Detail designing of different types of refractory linings for metallurgical projects

- Detail designing of different types of refractory lining for construction works

- Detail designing of different types of refractory lining for equipment


- Providing a list of refractory suppliers

- Providing list of materials and prices for refractories in designing


4. Consultation services for metallurgical projects

- Drawing up organizational charts of personnel in projects

- Drawing up training diagrams for personnel in projects

- Working out safety engineering instructions for personnel

- Holding tenders for projects

- Preliminary evaluation of contractors’ qualifications

- Providing tender documents

- Evaluating contractors, technical proposals

- Working out techno-financial proposals for tender projects


5. Strategic data banks for metallurgical projects

- Providing albums of techno-financial specifications for metallurgical plants

- Providing albums of technical specifications for metallurgical equipment