1. Systems, methods (inside the organization)

     1.1. Conducting studies and constant inspections with a view to find
          deficiencies and problems connected with general systems and
          methods, supporting and managing projects in the company’s
          units, including


           1.1.2. Documentation and modeling of activities

           1.1.3. Project management extent of knowledge

           1.1.4. Infrastructures and processes

     1.2. Optimizing and redesigning of general systems and methods, support
          and managing of projects in the company’s units and taking
          necessary measures to work out the same as per standard models.

            1.2.1. PMBOK

            1.2.2. PMO

            1.2.3. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT

            1.2.4. E.V.

            1.2.5. PEM

     1.3. Making co-operation with organizational development dept in the
         framework of specified duties, with a view to supervise the
         implementation and good performance of approved designs and
         revised operational instructions, in connection with general systems
         and methods, support and managing the projects inside the company.

2. Systems, methods (outside the organization)

     2.1. Making Endeavour to attain projects connected with the subject of
           systems and methods in the field of consultation and implementation
           of management systems/ documentation/ planning and project control/…
           and relevant trainings.

3. Monitoring

     3.1. Working out performance evaluation mechanism for the company,
           including projects, processes, methods and relevant human resources.

           3.1.1. Identifying performance key indices in the above mentioned fields

           3.1.2. Providing and integrated information supply structure
                   (receiving periodical information connected to the subject
                   with specified definition)

           3.1.3. Providing integrated data bank with specified access level.

           3.1.4. Working out performance reporting mechanism at specialists
                   and managers level in specified courses.

           3.1.5. Making use of appropriate mechanisms for data analysis with a view
                   to provide bases for decision making towards promoting
                   organizational performance.

           3.1.6. Using PDCA Technic in order to facilitate the promotion process
                   and improvement of the organization.

     3.2. Working out, making revision and improving bonus system so as to 
          maximize the benefiting of the organization from the personnel and
          vice versa, including raising of productivity, proficiency and ]
          sustainment indices of human resources (job satisfaction,
          motivation, authorities, etc …)